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An exploration of human wellness and inside-out transformation. As a guide, facilitator, and consultant, Pamela Saari’s focus is on supporting our natural state of awareness, clarity, and creativity.

About Pamela Saari

Pamela’s background includes diverse roles in complex global initiatives. She has taught a Conscious Business course for LinkedIn, and co-led a Presence and Leadership Program for Microsoft. She is passionate about the natural intelligence of the mind-body system.
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Service Offerings

Pamela’s focus is on the shift from a thought-based human doer to an awareness-based human being. In some circles, this focus is called vertical development or the inner game. The attention is on going to the root, allowing for sustained transformation.
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Engaging Change

Over the years, Pamela has been in many roles. Many of her clients now include other human potential leaders. In whatever engagement or role, she holds the simple curiosity: What is possible when we turn attention to innate clarity and wellness?
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Pamela guided me through transformation with a clarity that is very rare. She offered context, stability, and love that allowed me to make bold changes in my everyday life. Pamela never promised success, wealth, or other external results. Instead, she consistently pointed me back to myself, into deeper and deeper levels of clarity, awareness, and courage.


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