Conscious Business Program

LinkedIn’s Learning and Development team engaged Pamela as an external facilitator for its Conscious Business Program, a 4-week online offering to its global employees. Over 6 months, Pamela facilitated groups from offices in Singapore, India, Australia, and the United States. 

Project Synopsis

In support of building an awareness-based culture, LinkedIn began offering a Conscious Business Program to their global employees. As an external facilitator, Pamela led over 20 groups through the 4-week online experience. 




Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • 4 modules—conscious attitudes, authentic communications, creative collaboration, impeccable coordination
  • Participants accessed and applied weekly online content
  • Weekly video-conferencing sessions to enrich experience
  • Pamela faciliated 4-5 cohorts/week; 6-10 people/cohort
  • Moderated online discussion groups to support integration
  • Collaboration with other facilitators and the L&D team to evolve program alongside other leadership, mindfulness, and values-driven initiatives


  • Experiential understanding of acting with integrity and humility
  • Relating more effectively as teams, aligned with values
  • Acting with response-ability versus from victim-state
  • Listening with more curiosity and effectiveness; expressing with honesty and respect
  • Confidence in co-creating solutions that meet fundamental needs in a situation
  • Managing requests responsibly and with integrity
  • How to address a broken commitment to preserve effectiveness and trust
  • Upholding group standards to ensure impeccable coordination

I really enjoyed our Conscious Business sessions. They were engaging, real, and eye-opening on a personal and professional level. I’m making a commitment to myself to use what I’ve learned to be a better leader, colleague, wife and friend. Thank you!

Angela, LinkedIn

Participant, Conscious Business Program