About Pamela Saari

Pamela has facilitated a global Conscious Business Program for LinkedIn, and co-led a Presence and Leadership Program for Microsoft. Currently, she remotely supports and coaches several global, Bay Area, and Seattle leaders and organizations. Her background encompasses over 25 years in consulting and business roles, and life experiences in more than 40 countries.  

Pamela utilizes The Leadership Circle assessments and other evidence-based approaches. On larger initiatives, she collaborates with internal teams and consultants. Alongside other engagements, she is partnered with San Francisco based Torch, utilizing their technology platform in remote leadership coaching.    

Pamela draws from areas such as growth mindset, emotional intelligence, the ADKAR model, conscious leadership, neuroscience, resilience and mindfulness, nature-based immersion, and natural wellness. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Wellness, and a bachelors degree in International Business. 

Changing from the inside out has allowed me to become a genuine leader. I have a clarity now that wasn’t there before. I’m able to see things I couldn’t see. I’m able to recognize reactions and access more productive responses that lend to an authenticity that I never knew existed.
― Participant, Presence & Leadership Program, Microsoft


Focus is on adult development and the natural intelligence of the mind-body system.

  • We are wired for clarity and well-being
  • Life unfolds from attention and thought
  • True change requires head, heart, and body
  • Leader development is about human development


Pamela is based between the West Coast, U.S. and Europe. She works remotely, globally, and in-person.

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