About Pamela Saari

Pamela’s background includes 20+ years in consulting and facilitation roles, and life experiences in 50+ countries. Informing her path have been areas such as creator and growth mindset, the SCARF model, change management, conscious leadership, psychology, sustainability, wellness, and more. Pamela holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Wellness, and a bachelor’s degree in International Business. She is also certified in The Leadership Circle and Prosci Change Management, and as a yoga teacher.

Examples of organizations Pamela has worked with: LinkedIn, Twitch, Oracle, REI, Microsoft, CVS Health, Worldpay, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Starbucks, Ro Health, Viewpoint Therapeautics, Hinge Health, Participant Media, Checkr, Alpine Roads, and Wonolo. 

Changing from the inside out has allowed me to become a genuine leader. I have a clarity now that wasn’t there before. I’m able to see things I couldn’t see. I’m able to recognize reactions and access more productive responses that lend to an authenticity that I never knew existed.
― Participant, Presence & Leadership Program, Microsoft


Focus is on the stages of advanced human development, and natural intelligence of the mind-body system.

  • We are wired for clarity and well-being
  • Life unfolds from attention, thought, word, deed
  • True change requires head, heart, and body
  • We are in a time of vast possibilities
  • Are we aware creators or reactive doers


Pamela is remote-focused and based in Park City, Utah. She is seasoned in working remotely across time zones and with diverse client situations. Inquire with her about possibilities.

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