Conscious Business & Listening Workshop

Aligned with their commitment to presence work, the senior leadership team of this Microsoft group engaged Pamela to lead an interactive session at their biannual Sync Week.

Project Synopsis

Creating an awareness-based culture is evolutionary. Many in this 150-person team had experienced introductory presence sessions, and the group’s Presence & Leadership Program was underway. This session aimed to go a little bit deeper, building on their foundation.


Microsoft Corp


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Alignment with group’s Sync Week objectives
  • Design of a customized, experiential workshop
  • One 90-min session of ~50 people facilitated by Pamela
  • Availability while at venue for Q&A and consultation
  • Design and learning integration as related to the Presence & Leadership Program being co-led for the group by Pamela Saari and Sara Yao
  • Resources distributed post-session to support learning


  • Embodied understanding of listening inwardly to direct experience (body, breath, mental, emotional awareness)
  • Discovery of listening outwardly, without the pressure to fix, do, defend, manage, or solve
  • Conceptual grounding in the science behind autopilot patterns
  • Confidence in how clarity from deep listening translates into compassionate action
  • Understanding of how deep listening connects to being a leader at work and home