Presence & Leadership Group Session

The senior leadership team of a newly formed 350-person Microsoft group engaged Pamela to co-lead two interactive sessions at their first off-site Learning Week.  

Project Synopsis

This group came together in Learning Week to: foster connections, reinforce operating principles, be in service, and begin building a learning culture. As part of the personal development track, Pamela, partnered with Sara Yao, offered sessions exploring presence.


Microsoft Corp


Pamela Saari
Sara Yao

Key Components

  • Alignment with Learning Week objectives
  • Design of a customized, experiential learning session
  • Two 90-min sessions of ~75 people each; co-facilitated by Pamela Saari and Sara Yao
  • Availability for consultation while at venue for 3 days
  • Resources distributed post-sessions to support learning


  • Conceptual grounding in the science behind autopilot reactions and patterns
  • Discovery of practical embodiment techniques to unhook from compulsive thinking and ground in awareness-based functioning
  • New awareness of ways to be at choice in responses, planning, and decision-making
  • Equipped with new tools to immediately shift daily experiences