Retreat, Coaching, & Stress Management

An individual who had worked with Pamela for several months requested a customized retreat experience for members of her family. The intention was to explore new skills, perspectives, and possibilities while in a nature-based setting.

Project Synopsis

There was a high level of anxiety and stress being experienced for these individuals, including significant challenges with health, sleep, and work imbalances. The request was for an opportunity to take a pause, reconnect, and clarify perspective.


Private Group


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Preparation and guidance prior the retreat
  • One half-day retreat; in a nature setting
  • Technology and talking detox guidelines
  • Customized exercises, walking in nature, and debrief
  • Guidance and facilitation from Pamela
  • Post-retreat support and integration


  • Reconnection with heart, opening up their systems to emotional honesty and innate intelligence
  • Conceptual grounding in the science behind autopilot reactions and patterns
  • New confidence and skills in turning attention inwardly for stability and rejuvenation
  • Clarity about practical, compassionate action to be taken in work and home situations
  • Deepened transparency and trust between family members
  • A commitment to stay conscious about patterns and choices
I know that I’ve been leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Too much work isn’t allowing any time to live. I feel pressured to tick boxes in life and I just keep pushing forward. Thank you for helping me see today that I have choices.

Laura, Retreat Participant