Performance & Change Management Consulting

PeopleFirm, a people-focused consultancy, engaged Pamela as an independent consultant to support them in helping REI’s HR leadership team transform Performance Management for their headquarters and distribution centers employees.

Project Synopsis

REI had already implemented a radical redesign of their Performance Management (PM) process for the retail operations. Following this successful implementation, REI leadership was focused on extending the PM transformation and addressing culture shifts within the organization.


Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Collaboration and facilitation—PM philosophy and strategy
  • Landscape assessment identifying PM key drivers
  • Creation of PM design guidelines and principles
  • Model for assessing integrated solution options
  • Learning from across other organizations and industries


  • Completed landscape assessment—culture, systems, business strategy, talent market
  • Vetted design guidelines and principles
  • Exploration of design dimensions—promotions, coaching & mentoring, rewards, differentiated performance, leader development, retention
  • Roadmap and recommendations—test, build, and implementation phases
  • Deeper understanding of PM shifts across other organizations