Mindfulness Corporate Coaching & Culture Workshop

An executive delegation from Schneider Electric gathered thought leaders to explore mindfulness corporate coaching and its connection to building a culture of transformation and customer centricity. As part of their U.S. Learning Program Tour, Pamela was invited to lead an experiential conversation.

Project Synopsis

A global leader in energy management, Schneider Electric is dedicated to stretching its vision for its culture, customer centricity, and its role in the future of energy. With this group of European executives, Pamela explored the dots connecting leadership, corporate mindfulness, culture, and innovation.


Schneider Electric, WDHB Strategic Learning


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Alignment with WDHB Strategic Learning, organizer of the U.S. Learning Tour, to understand key intentions
  • Design and facilitation of an experiential conversation with a group of 30 executives from different countries
  • Structured exploration of mindfulness corporate coaching, and its integration into the corporate culture and ecosystem
  • Practical commitments to continue discovery and action


  • Embodied experience of mindful listening and connection inwardly
  • Embodied experience of how inward connection translates outwardly
  • Practical foundation in corporate mindfulness; how it impacts leaders, culture, and innovation
  • Experiential understanding of how culture impacts customer connection
  • Takeaways and next steps in integrating mindfulness corporate coaching
  • New clarity on taking action—what to commit to, and risks of not doing so