Leadership Culture Assessment & Consulting

The founder of a national tax consulting organization engaged Pamela to address leadership and operational challenges during a time of rapid company growth.

Project Synopsis

This organization was experiencing tensions related to: leadership effectiveness, strategic clarity and execution, change capacity, customer experience, and operations scaling. During this 3-month engagement, Pamela facilitated a first phase assessment to identify alignment and gaps.


Tax Consulting Organization


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Thought leadership and advisory
  • Leadership Culture Survey—feedback on leadership team’s impact, competencies, and reactive tendencies; input on desired leadership culture
  • 18 interviews with senior leadership and other team members
  • Advisory support for a national leadership team 2-day meeting
  • Facilitation of a 2-day off-site meeting to explore findings
  • Roadmap planning—inside-out change, leader development, and culture work


  • Understanding of creative-aware versus reactive-victim functioning
  • Clarity—the gap between current and desired culture dynamics
  • Transparency and honesty about deeply held grievances and pain points
  • Commitments in place to move forward with integrity and conscious choice
  • Roadmap for transformation initiatives