Team Resilience & Wellness Workshop

Laughter Yoga is a somatic experience used globally in organizations, wellness settings, and communities. In this workshop we explored laughter as part of our natural creative state, challenging our typical understanding of laughter being reliant on events, humor, or mood. 

Project Synopsis

A team leader asked Pamela to facilitate a Laughter Yoga experience. Working in a stressful environment, their group’s intention was to create a trusting connection and have fun. Since Laughter Yoga does not include yoga poses but entails gentle movement, breath, playfulness, and spontaneity the session was suitable for this diverse group.


Private Group


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • 35 participants; 3-hour workshop at a wellness center
  • Overview and warm-up to relax the system
  • Breath, gentle movement, and playfulness to stimulate laughter and trigger contagious laughter waves
  • Grounding and integration; self-assessed survey
  • Post-workshop support; handouts and resources


  • Conceptual grounding in the science behind autopilot reactions/patterns
  • Up to 50% shifts in mental relaxation, breath awareness, muscle relaxation, stress level, energy level, and ability to laugh without a reason
  • Reports of sustained impacts—stronger workplace connection, less reactive behaviors, and a new perception
I didn’t know what to expect when showing up for this. I can honestly say that it opened me up faster than anything ever has. And it was fun! Pamela did a great job in making us feel comfortable even though it felt vulnerable and weird at first.

Workshop Participant