Executive Leadership Coaching & Advisory

This strategy consultant and former CIO had been influenced by a contemplative path and mindfulness practice that began 25 years ago. In life transitions, he engaged Pamela to work with him for six months to deepen his direct experience of embodied awareness.

Project Synopsis

As a former executive with years of a dedicated contemplative path, this individual desired to go deeper in a turn inward. This was during a time of natural growth as he was launching his own consultancy, navigating home life transitions, and supporting others in mindful leadership.


Executive/CIO, Consultancy Founder


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Guidance and advisory—clarity-of-perception, embodied awareness, conditioned tendencies, and overall alignment
  • In-depth, upfront discovery process
  • 1-2 hours sessions every 3-4 weeks by video or in-person
  • Experiential homework; check-ins between sessions
  • Integration process upon engagement completion


  • Somatic and emotional connection—awareness stabilizing in the body
  • Clarity on patterns—any inner divisions or gaps distorting fully-lived embodied awareness
  • Deepening trust in life’s natural intelligence—timing, opportunities, choices
  • Clearer perception and responses with family
  • Mindful Leadership Retreat facilitation—more ease, clarity, and courage in his instructor role
I immediately sensed Pamela’s authentic presence in my first discussion with her. In our subsequent work, her caring and open presence always reflected back to me what was most important for my journey. Pamela has a rare ability to see beyond the often distracting circumstances of life and offer that valuable perspective to others.
John C.