Executive Leadership Coaching & Advisory

The leader of this organization founded her consultancy with the primary mission to expand consciousness of leaders and their teams. While in a transformative time, Sara engaged Pamela for support in the deepening of embodied awareness and its expression in the world.

Project Synopsis

For over 20 years, Sara had been coaching and consulting with leaders from all over the world. Committed to inside-out transformation in her own life, as well as in service to others, Sara was ready for what was next in her own unfolding. Over a 2-year time period, Sara engaged Pamela to support this process.


Sara Yao, Founder, Yao Consulting Group


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Guidance—whole system intelligence, autopilot patterns, embodiment integration, clarity of perception
  • In-depth advisory—Drop In book, Get Present workshops, large speaking events, and overall professional alignment
  • 1-2 hour sessions every 2-4 weeks by video or in-person
  • Deep dive, nature-based sessions on Bainbridge Island, WA
  • Experiential homework throughout; support between sessions
  • Reflective and integrative check-ins at key junctures


  • Integration of new choices—body-mind practices, relationship shifts, mindful planning, and allowing for simplicity
  • A profound transformation and deepening in relationship to marriage and parenting
  • Emergence of creativity and alignment—the book Drop In, building a new office space, and successfully piloting a new consulting project
  • Deepened trust in somatic connection and intelligence
  • Transformation with her clients—increased effectiveness, clarity, ease, and abundance

When I started working with Pamela I wasn’t aware of the inflection point I was at in my development. She guided me through transformation with a clarity that is very rare. She offered context, stability, and care that allowed me to feel safe, steady, and more courageous to make bold changes in my everyday life. Pamela never promised success, wealth, or other external results. Instead, she consistently pointed me back to myself, into deeper levels of clarity, awareness, and courage.

Sara Yao

Founder, Yao Consulting Group