Leadership Coaching & Advisory

The founder of this executive coaching and leadership development consultancy engaged Pamela to work with her over several months. As a business leader and organizational consultant for over 30 years, she found herself in a new life stage and desired to go deeper in exploring clarity, wellbeing, and alignment.

Project Synopsis

As a passionate leader of transformation, Anne recognized that moving into the next life chapter meant allowing for new possibilities. A natural curiosity had emerged to explore mindfulness practices and to allow their impacts to transform her personally, as well as transform her heart-centered mission supporting others.


Anne Reeve, Founder, Red Rock Consultancy


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Guidance and advisory—somatic awareness, whole being intelligence, mindfulness practices, conscious leadership, and personal/professional alignment
  • In-depth, upfront discovery process
  • 1-2 hour sessions every 2-3 weeks by video or in-person
  • In-person time with Pamela on Bainbridge Island, WA
  • Experiential, customized homework
  • Check-ins and support between sessions
  • Integration process upon engagement completion


  • Deepened trust in somatic connection and intelligence
  • Integration in everyday life—body-mind practices, relationship shifts, mindful planning, and allowing for simplicity
  • Shifts in overall wellbeing—sense of calm, somatic openness, improved sleep
  • Transformation with her clients—increased effectiveness, clarity, and ease
  • A new creativity and trust in her continued personal and professional path
My work with Pamela was instrumental at this phase of life and work. Through somatic awareness, mindfulness practices and guided integration work, I’m more present than I’ve ever been, and on an exciting new path towards greater wholeness and wellbeing.
Anne Reeve

Founder, Red Rock Consultancy