Leadership Coaching & Advisory

This individual had heard from a colleague about impacts from the Presence & Leadership Program. Curious about his own leadership effectiveness, he engaged Pamela to work with him for six months. The Leadership Circle 360 leader assessment was utilized for direct feedback.

Project Synopsis

This manager wanted to better understand the impacts of how he was showing up with his team, peers, and manager. Sessions, exercises, and leader assessment feedback helped reveal opportunities relating to trust, openness, and communications.


General Manager, Microsoft


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • In-depth, upfront discovery process
  • Sessions every 3-4 weeks; video or in-person
  • The Leadership Circle Profile leader assessment—feedback on management style, competencies, and reactive tendencies
  • Experiential homework; support between sessions
  • Nature-based sessions on Bainbridge Island, WA
  • A co-created plan for continued growth


  • Conceptual grounding in the science behind autopilot patterns
  • Shifts in somatic, breath, and emotional awareness
  • Experiential insights—reactive triggers, deep listening impacts, finding calm as a base of strength, and limits of intellect
  • Increase in trust and effectiveness with peers and directs
  • Promoted a few months after engagement ended, stating: The work we did helped me get here
How all this relates to leadership? It’s simple. Your grounding and POV is always reflected to other people (good or bad). Looking to better understand, consider, and change the root of your being carries through all of your interactions.

General Manager, Microsoft