Executive Leadership & Organizational Consulting

PeopleFirm, a people-focused consultancy, engaged Pamela as an independent consultant to support them in helping Group Health Cooperative align their strategic vision with their culture and capabilities.

Project Synopsis

At a historical juncture, Group Health was in the national spotlight in healthcare transformation. This project entailed working with the executive team to align their strategic vision with leadership, culture, talent, and change capabilities.


Group Health Cooperative (now Kaiser Permanente)


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Engagement with the CEO and the executive leadership team
  • Executive interviews to assess alignment and challenges
  • Off-site sessions with executive leadership team
  • Execution of a strategy and culture survey
  • An enterprise-wide qualitative assessment
  • Launch of a change-advocacy advisory council
  • Creation of roadmap development activities


  • Leadership alignment and gap clarity—through interviews, strategy and culture survey, and off-sites
  • Clearer picture of talent capabilities—through focus groups, interviews, and deep dives
  • Roadmap integration—alignment and assessment priorities
  • Engagement integration—change readiness plan to energize the organization around strategy and culture priorities