Executive Advisory, Consulting, & Program Management

This engagement involved Microsoft’s two largest BPO vendors entailing business valued at $350 million. Over several months, Pamela’s role focused on helping steer a new model to provide holistic governance across Microsoft divisions.

Project Synopsis

In response to vast complexities in managing across divisions, this initiative focused on shifting relationship and governance effectiveness. Pamela acted as a program and change manager for two vendor account teams—in support of a new cross-divisional governance model.


Microsoft Corp


Pamela Saari

Key Components

  • Full-time program and change manager role for two cross-divisional vendor account teams
  • Coordination with Microsoft Executive Vendor Leads
  • Collaboration with BPO vendor’s counterpart leads and senior decision-makers
  • Project management oversight—strategic initiatives, monthly business reviews, biannual strategic reviews, and the annual account plan process
  • Change management activities to support transition to new governance model


  • New relationships between Microsoft Executive Vendor Leads and BPO vendor counterparts
  • Stakeholder alignment on new governance model—rules of engagement, planning and meeting cadence, and roles/responsibilities
  • Utilizing new governance model—successful execution of monthly business reviews, biannual strategic reviews, and Vendor Account Plan process