The Inner Game

The Inner Game

Outer and Inner Game

As I continue to work in various settings, I am clearer than ever that true growth requires bravely paying attention to the Inner Game development domain (vertical development).

A leadership team I worked with became more clear on this as well. In our several weeks together we explored beneath the conventional tip of the iceberg… revealing limiting and unconscious patterns and stories that had lingered for years. It was messy and uncomfortable, as well as full of lighthearted surprises.

It became clear to them that their Outer Game (knowledge, skills, experience) is driven by the collective maturity of the operating system running their Inner Game (awareness, mental patterns, emotional maturity, identities). Therefore, for the organization or system to sustainably evolve into a higher order of complexity and functioning… they must first, as individuals, evolve.

The critical implications of this became the next topic: What does all this mean in terms of focus, inside-out transformation, and a new literacy? There’s no easy solution. However, what became alarmingly apparent was that the risks and limitations in not paying attention to the Inner Game are too great.  Services supporting the inner game.