Podcast & Exercises ~ Listening from Presence

Podcast & Exercises ~ Listening from Presence

art of ListeningThe act of listening from presence is one of the most powerful things we can offer ourselves and others. Even minor shifts can dramatically transform individual patterns, relationships, behavioral impacts, and organizational cultures. However, listening from presence is easier said than done!

Without even knowing it, almost everyone listens through “filters and shields” in the form of fixing, rebutting, minimizing, comparing, or finding fault. How does this relate to our autopilot reactive patterns? How does this relate to our capacities for true inner and outer listening?

When we listen (and take action) from presence itself, everything becomes more authentic, creative, and effective. In these exercises and 30-min podcast, we explore this important topic. See here for information about Pamela facilitating a Listening from Presence Workshop for your team or organization.

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