Demystifying the Need for Quiet

Demystifying the Need for Quiet

brain imageThere are many new discoveries coming from areas such as neuroplasticity, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum biology. Emerging is a contemporary language and science that bridges gaps with age-old wisdoms… and catalyzes us into the deeper unknown of human possibilities.

We’ve been hearing much about the physiological phenomenon of transformation and healing. By the time we are in our mid-30s our brains have organized into a finite signature of automatic programs. These programs fuel a constant loop of cascading events in the mind-body. These fixed subconscious looping patterns become 95% of what is called our “identity”– a set of memorized (autopilot) behaviors, skills, emotional reactions, beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes. If, on a daily basis, we keep reminding ourselves of who we think we are then our brains keep firing in the same ways… activating the same neural networks, bio-chemically fueling the same loops, and creating our physical reality… year after year. (No wonder true transformation requires such fierce intention!)

What does this have to do with quieting the mind and body? Most people today spend nearly all waking hours in the amped-up analytical mind (high beta brain wave state) where we predict, rationalize, organize, stress, grasp, and plot for survival. The analytical mind isn’t all bad. It does have a purpose! However, it’s less than 5% of our total mind… so there’s much more to the story if our intention is to live from creative presence, not run by subconscious programming.

When we allow for a quieting of the physiology and mind we are able to come into experiential contact with a pre-existing awareness or inner equilibrium (unconditional of turbulent thinking and emotions.) This experiential contact shifts us into a different brain wave state and sets off a cascade of impacts in the mind-body system (neural networks, neuropeptides, hormones, epigenetic signals, DNA regulation, proteins, etc.) Setting up a new inner environment, it then becomes possible for a rewiring process of the autopilot loops and trances. And… this is when creative, transformational energy (quite literally, quantum energy at the molecular level) can begin doing its thing.

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